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Beginning Your Journey with Tea:  Creating the Ultimate Experience

Your adventure begins with a cup of tea; either a long-time favorite or something new that tantalizes your senses.  Tea is something that can be enjoyed at any time of the day while reading a book, talking with friends, watching the sunrise, or simply taking a break from your tumultuous workday.  Let the power of tea relax your mind and revitalize your body.

When starting your Journey with Tea, instead of letting the variety overwhelm your process, let the endless possibilities excite you. Whether a bold, dark blend or a gentle, soothing tea, the flavors will create different sensations with every cup. You’ll constantly be amazed how a blend can quickly whisk you away to another moment.  Hot or cold, our blends will create a unique and enjoyable experience every time.  

We’ve created this website as a guide for everyone, whether you are years into your Journey with Tea or just starting down the path of discovery.  At Tea’ze A More, we feel that tea exploration is a highly personal and unique experience. Everyone is welcome, and no matter your level of experience, you’ll be amazed by our incredible tea blends.​

Most tea vendors will provide instructions on preparing specific teas based on their knowledge and experimentation with the product.  As long as you purchase from a trusted and credible source, there is nothing wrong with following their recommendations until you get to know the product.

However, with a product so mysteriously complicated, why would you want to stop there?  This is the essence of a Journey with Tea: exploring the product beyond what is recommended to discover your preferred tastes that will bring you satisfaction and enjoyment.

​In your Tea Journey process, keep in mind four essential points:​

  1. Tea is a plant that can never be mastered; it can only be enjoyed and experienced,

  2. Utilize the recommendations and knowledge of your sources as a reliable way of initially testing the teas,

  3. Experiment with the preparation methods to personalize the tea to your taste,

  4. Remember that life is a journey and tea drinking will allow you to experience exotic aromas and full-bodied tastes that will awaken all of your senses.

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