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  • Earl Grey Lavender

Earl Grey Lavender

3 Ounces

Our Earl Grey Lavender tea blends black teas with lavender, blue cornflowers, vanilla, orange, and essential oil of bergamot. The unique ingredients in this blend creates a delicious tea that presents a strong but memorable taste that is worthy of a discriminating tea drinker.


Ingredients: Organic black tea, black tea, organic lavender, lavender leaves, orange, blue cornflowers, organic cornflower petals, pure essential oil of bergamot, natural vanilla flavor, natural bergamot flavor, and natural creme flavor.


Contains Caffeine

Tea Type: Black

Serving Style: Hot/Iced

Servings: 20-25/1 tsp. per cup or more if preferred

Packaging: Tea arrives in a labeled, airtight, resealable bag for extended freshness and convenient storage.  Instructions for brewing included on label.                        












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