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Accessibility Statement

Tea'ze A More is continually working to make its website and digital assets accessible as part of its online inclusion efforts for all of its customers. Tea'ze A More is committed to providing a digital experience that is built with accessibility in mind, so that no one, regardless of ability or disability is affected.  Tea'ze A More is dedicated to the human experience of treating everyone with the utmost respect.

Tea'ze A More has adopted the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 as our Accessibility Standard and is continually working to maintain our web pages and applications in substantial performance with that Standard, as well as to provide the best possible user experience for everyone. Tea'ze A More does this through our regular testing as well as our partnerships with the communities we partner with.

We welcome your feedback questions or concerns about the accessibility of any of our websites, applications, or other digital assets.  Please contact add email address here or call us at add phone number here. We make every effort to respond as quickly as we can.

Tea'ze A More is a proud sponsor of Autism Speaks....

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