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Environmental Footprint

Environmental Footprint


Tea'ze A More emphasis on conscious choices sets us apart and keeps us growing.  Tea'ze A More began its journey as a small, woman-owned business with a passion for tea and a desire to accomplish what many said was impossible.  Today, Tea'ze A More is a growing company that remembers what's important.  Tea'ze A More uses plastic-free & biodegradable shopping bags to recyclable packaging and we're not stopping there.  Because tea is a natural product and intrinsically compostable, it inspires us to do more!  This year, we're continuing to transition our company to a fully recyclable and compostable company.  We also work very hard with our local communities to plant local gardens and support the ethical and sustainable cultivation of tea plants around the world. 

We made the conscious decision to make a difference in what we do and how we do it.

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Environmental Footprint


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