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  • Papaya Island Breeze

Papaya Island Breeze

3 Ounces

Our Papaya Island Breeze is a Pouchong tea that is lightly oxidized.  It is between a green tea and an oolong tea.  It is often classified with oolong because of its sweeter flavor.  The addition of apple and papaya pieces, strawberries, lemongrass, and papaya flavoring, gives this tea its wonderful aroma and mild taste.  The tea can be brewed 2-3 times.


Ingredients: Pouchong tea, apple pieces, papaya pieces, lemongrass, papaya flavor, and strawberries.


Contains Caffeine

Tea Type: Pouchong

Serving Style: Hot/Iced

Servings: 20-25/1 tsp. per cup or more if preferred. Tea can be brewed 2-3 times.

Packaging: Tea arrives in a labeled, airtight, resealable bag for extended freshness and convenient storage.  Instructions for brewing included on label.                         


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